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GoT ending fixed!

Only minor extra shots required.

They came so close to wrapping up this epic tale correctly. All the way to Drogon flies away with Dany in his grasp.

Then the whole thing went off the rails.

Which is super-frustrating because they'd set the scene for the legit ending. For some reason, they settled for a trite and totally unsatisfactory conclusion.

Don’t worry, I fixed it. And it was so ‘there,’ I’m pretty sure they shot it this way as well. If that’s the case, maybe we need an alternate ending version.

EXT. DANY DIES Drogon picks Dany up and flies into the sky. FADE TO BLACK.
EXT. OUTSIDE GATE OF KING’S LANDING Sansa sits on her horse. Arya sit next to her on white horse she rode off on at end of Ep. 5. Sansa slowly moves forward.
EXT. STREETS OF DESTROYED KING’S LANDING Sansa slowly rides through the ruins of King’s Landing. She passes corpses. Northmen line the streets, Dothraki, Unsullied, they all stand in silence as she rides past.
INT. TYRION PRISON CELL Door opens and Sansa enters. Tyrion looks up at her.
TYRION You were right.
EXT. DRAGON PIT The ruling families are assembled. Jon Snow stands chained before them.  Greyworm moves forward.
GREYWORM We demand justice.
Sansa looks at him.
SANSA You will bend the knee before you address me.
Greyworm looks angry, but after a moment, seeing the power Sansa has in her eyes, he bends the knee.
EXT. IN A WAGOn HEAIDNG NORTH Tyrion, Bron and Samwell are in a wagon heading north behind Sansa and the armies. Tyrion is wrapped in heavy furs.
TYRION I’m doomed to be cold the rest of my life.
SAMWELL It’s not so bad. You get used to it.
BRON I’ll be living in the sun at Highgarden.
EXT. WEIRWOOD TREE — WINTERFELL Four Stark children embrace and say their goodbyes.
INT. WINTERFELL THRONE ROOM Sansa moves toward throne as all hail her Queen.
EXT. WEIRWOOD TREE Bron’s eyes roll up white.
EXT. ON THE SEA Arya on prow looking west beyond Westoros.
EXT. ON A MOUNTAIN TOP Drogon looks up, his eyes go white and he takes off flying north.
EXT. FAR NORTH Tormund stands on hill looking in distance. We see a small figure in black riding toward him. Tormund smiles.
INT. WINTERFELL THRONE ROOM Sansa sits. The new Queen.
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